Straight Shot - Basic Pistol Training in Norwood, MA

If you're interested in getting a License to Carry a handgun in the State of Massachusetts or Utah, then you must complete this class.

Classes are offered in a comfortable setting using PowerPoint and video presentations.

Classes are also available for Personal Protection, Cleaning and Operation. Please check the Class Info page for more information and classes being offered. Range time can also be scheduled.

Please complete the "Request a Class" form to schedule a class. A confirmation response will be given within 24 hours to schedule. You can also prepay for your class using PayPal, Check or cash.

LTC Classes are typically held on a Sunday; however, a Monday and Tuesday can be also be arranged. Host a class at your location for an even more comfortable setting.

A Private class or one-on-one shooting session are also popular, if you have never fired a pistol, rifle or shotgun this is a great way to experience that.

In order to maintain a safe environment in the class, hand sanitizer and masks will be provided if you don’t have one and must be worn. Limiting class sizes also help with social distancing.

Upcoming Training Classes