I met Rich Johnson through a mutual friend and I took his Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Class. Rich is an excellent instructor who really knows the material and has a wealth of experience to share. His presentation was lovely, personalized, and mixed with real life examples from years of experience as an LTC/NRA instructor.

I met some great people at this class and Rich made sure to make all of us comfortable with asking questions and sharing our experiences or our concerns throughout the class.

I had such a great time. I had to take a few minutes and out this letter together highly recommending this instructor and this LTC class in Norwood, MA 02062

Thanks Rich!

Bill Furlan


I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the "License to Carry" course you gave to me last week. You are an excellent instructor and are very knowledgeable about the subject. Your material and presentation was quite detailed and professional. You answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. You took the time to explain the mechanics of several firearms and stressed "safety". I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend you. I will contact you when I am ready for some additional pistol training at the range.Thank you again.


David Kneller

Hi Rich,

Thank you for allowing me to take your class today with such short notice and extending the written recommendation so that I can now apply for a LTC in Norwood MA.

Your class was great. I was very pleased with your ease at teaching and your knowledge of the law and most of all how safe I now feel about using a gun. I walked in your class with fear and walked out educated and comfortable being around and handling a firearm.

Thank you,

Bridgette Bennett